7 Ways To Help Other Bloggers

Bonjour, Blogger! 7 Ways To Help Other Bloggers
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We all remember what it was like when we started out our blogs. It’s difficult to know where to turn for advice and help with setting up and promoting your blog and while that’s one of the aims of Bonjour, Blogger!, there are things that all bloggers can be doing to help the newbies out!

Share some links

Your audience is going to be different to the original bloggers – by sharing a link or two, you’re sharing the link with people who might not see it otherwise, and who probably love finding new blogs to read!

Bring Follow Friday #FF back

Back in 2010, Follow Friday was a big thing on Twitter, but it’s faded out in the past few years. Bring it back by recommending awesome people for your followers to follow – this works really well on Instagram Stories as well!
(Just remember that if you are featured in a #ff, don’t retweet it, just say thanks – retweeting a Follow Friday is pointless (because everyone seeing it already follows you) and annoying for your followers!)

Colab with others

There are tons of ways that you can colab with other bloggers. From the small things that can be done anywhere – writing a guest blog and allowing guest blogs to be posted on your site – to bigger, local things – meeting up to take outfit posts for each other.

Offer help

Sharing knowledge is always a good thing, but offering other sorts of help will be appreciated as  well like meeting up with others to take photos for each other.

Leave comments

…and show that you read the post. Those are the sort of comments that can really pick a blogger up (which you probably know from experience!) when you feel like your work is being appreciated!

Share what hasn’t worked

What’s more frustrating than working on something and not being able to get it to work? When you know it’s something that other people have definitely come across themselves but haven’t shared how to get around it.

Be kind

Always be kind – you don’t know whats going on in other peoples lives, and you don’t need to know. Just be cool.

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