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If you’re a keen user of A Color Story, then you’ve probably purchased a few of their filter sets. There are lots of sets to choose from, but if you purchased all of them, it could cost you nearly £100 – quite a lot to spend on an app!

A Color Story have brought out a new subscription service called ACS+, which will cost £23.49 per year, and will give you access to not only all of the 300+ filters but also over 100 moveable effects, advanced colouring tools such as selective edit (so useful!) and unlimited Instagram accounts within its grid planning feature. Since the filters in A Color Story are designed to be stacked with others, having full access to all of them is really useful so you don’t feel limited.

Any new filter and effect packs will be available to ACS+ users as soon as they are released without any additional costs. You don’t have to subscribe to ACS+ to be able to use the A Color Story app, it’s just another way that users can get access to additional features. There’s a 3 day free trial, if you’re not sure if you would make good use of the subscription and want to test it out first.

ACS+ is currently only available for iOS users, but they have just employed someone to improve their Android app, so hopefully, it will be available soon!

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