How To Promote Yourself

Bonjour, Blogger! How To Promote Yourself
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For some of us, writing a blog post is the easy part – it’s the self promotion that’s necessary to get your post seen that’s the difficult part. Hopefully these tips will help you to work through it and get your posts seen by more people with your self promotion!

Why do you feel this way?

So the main thing to work out why you feel awkward promoting your blog – is it that you feel like you’re annoying people by talking yourself up? Do you fear being rejected when pitching for a collaboration where you have to explain why your site is so good for the brand? By figuring out what the cause (or causes!) is, you’ll be able to work around it and hopefully overcome it!

Practice Makes Perfect

No matter whether you’re promoting your blog to your social media followers, or you’re promoting it to a brand for a potential collaboration, knowing exactly what you want to say and how you want to say it takes that little bit of worrying away.

Ignore Yourself

Ignore that voice in the back of your mind that tries to tell you that self promotion is dumb. Believe in what you’re doing and your positive thoughts will show through in what you’re doing!

Know who you’re talking to

Knowing who your ideal audience is will give you an idea of how to self promote your work – your followers on Twitter may be different to the followers on Instagram, who will be different to the brand you’re pitching a collaboration to. While you can get away with creating a template to pitch or advertise a blog post, tailoring it to the audience can mean they’ll respond more positively to your work.

Have a sounding board

This is useful in lots of aspects of blogging life, but having a group of people who know what you’re going through and will understand what you’re frustrated by is really useful. Whether that’s a small WhatsApp group, or a Facebook group (for example, our amazing group #blogclub!), having people to inspire you and help you work on something is awesome. Remember – collaboration, not competition.

What piece of advice would you give others struggling with self promotion?

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