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  1. this is really helpful, but I still had a couple of questions. I’m in the process of creating a rafflecopter contest and I’m unclear about how to verify that people are actually following via bloglovin or google friend connect. Could you expand on that?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Em!
      For Bloglovin, you can ask people what their Bloglovin username is. If they follow publicly, then you might get email notifications, or there’s a list of followers on your blog’s Bloglovin page – so for example, here’s the Bloglovin page for Bonjour, Blogger –, and if you click on the followers number, then you’ll get a list of people who follow your blog!
      For GFC, I assume it’s pretty much the same thing – you’ll have to check up on your GFC widget to see if people are there or not.

  2. You are right, don’t go overboard with the requirements…
    But you can actually make “Like a certain FB page” a mandatory entry, I have just recently done that. However, Rafflecopter does not validate any entries and at the end, I always moderate all entries before I pick a winner (who sticked to the required entries).

    Do you have any different experience?

    1. It is possible to have liking a Facebook page as a mandatory entry on your Rafflecopter, but at the time of the post, Facebook’s terms and conditions said that you could not use liking as a required entry. I notice that they have amended this, so promotions that ask for a photo (etc) to be shared on your timeline are not permitted.
      I always check that the entry is valid – it’s too easy for someome to just click that they have done something on Rafflecopter!

  3. Hi!! Will the giveaway box itself be visible on my blog page?? Or will it just be a link that viewers have to click to get to the actual giveaway?

    1. Hi Jesi,
      Since it looks like your blog is on, then you wont be able to embed the widget that you’ve probably seen on other blogs. You can still link to the Rafflecopter widget though so you can keep track of competition entries!

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