Is It Time To Turn Away From GFC?

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Faye‘s tweets yesterday made us think about how so many bloggers are still so reliant on GFC as their main method of following and being followed, yet it could disappear so quickly, possibly with out much (if any!) warning.

For those who don’t know, GFC stands for Google Friend Connect and is a way that a reader can subscribe to Blogger blogs. With the sad demise of Google Reader (it’s been nearly 6 months, and we’re still sad about it!), many bloggers have started to promote Bloglovin’ as the main way to follow their blogs, but we’re still seeing lots of Rafflecopter run competitions that list “Follow my blog on GFC!” as an entry requirement.

Non Blogger users have had to get used to not being able to have GFC as a subscription option for nearly two years , and we feel like it’s time Blogger users started to prepare themselves and their readers to switch to another method of subscription. If you have a blog, perhaps put a little note at the bottom of a blog post, or hide the GFC box from appearing on your blog. If you’re a reader, ask bloggers to provide other methods of subscribing (you can of course subscribe to any blog by entering the URL into the search box in Bloglovin’)

What do you think – should we as a community be discouraging GFC use? Do you still find it used as much on your blog?

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