Saturday Summary

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On Duck in a Dress, Louisa takes us through a day in her life – these sort of posts are so fun for finding out more about a bloggers everyday life!





Carrie at Wish Wish Wish was given the opportunity to review a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and shares how it fits in with her blogging life. (We’ve got a few suggestions of apps she could use in this Android post!)




Hayley from London Beauty Queen talks about cosmetics at discount retailers – are you really getting such a bargain, or should that £1 nail varnish stay on the shelf?





Abby at Un-Observed shows off a few of the treats available in her online gift shop – we especially love the cute bunny trinket holder!





Kate at Under Blue Lights took a trip into Shrewsbury to check out the independent shops there – her photos are so beautiful of this pretty little town!





Happy 4th blogiversary to one of our favourite blogger/vloggers, Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter! It’s amazing and inspiring to see what some bloggers have managed to achieve in such a short period of time – hard work really pays off!




Suzie at Hello October cooks up a storm…well, strawberry pancakes. Wouldn’t these be delicious for Sunday breakfast with syrup? Yum, we’re getting hungry now!





From Gem With Love says hello to Autumn with this outfit post – autumn is definitely our favourite time of year! We love the colours in the post – her bright blue bag works so well against the falling leaves!




Simone at Eltoria Secrets has been getting dirty in the name of blogging, and trying out lots of facemasks. We love that she’s taken photos of herself wearing each mask – not many bloggers would be brave enough to do that!



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