Time To Mobilify Your Blog!

Bonjour, Blogger! Time To Mobilify Your Blog!
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You may have noticed in recent Google searches that some sites have a little tag next to them saying “Mobile friendly”. It’s really useful when you’re on your phone because then you know that the content is going to be readable

Google recently announced that in their next update, they’ll be using mobile friendliness as a way of ranking websites. You won’t be penalised for not having a mobile friendly site, but mobile friendly sites will rank better than non mobile friendly ones.

You can quickly check if your site is mobile friendly by using this Google tool to check. If everything is fine, that’s great! If Google can’t tell if the site is mobile friendly (which happened the first time we tested bonjourblogger.com, so don’t be too worried if you know your design is responsive, just test again later), then it will give you details about why the site isn’t mobile friendly, and what you can do about it.

Making your site mobile friendly can be really simple – it’s usually just one setting in your options to change. Make this your task for the weekend!

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