Write Your Disclosure Statement!

Write Your Disclosure Statement! | Bonjour, Blogger!
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Disclosure is one of the most important things to do as a blogger. Disclosure is defined as the act of making something obvious and a good disclosure will make it clear to your readers whether your opinion can be trusted.

While in the UK, it isn’t a necessity to disclose how you receive a product but it is good practice to do so. A good statement will not just benefit your readers, but could also help you gain more opportunities – many PR agents will be looking for those bloggers who are honest and open about what they receive for free.

What sort of thing do you need to include?

  • Whether you will accept sponsored posts on the blog. If you do accept sponsored posts on your blog, you may want to make a note here whether links will be marked as no-follow.
  • Whether you will accept products to review.
  • Whether you are going to include affiliate links in your blog posts. Some bloggers (like us!) choose to put a little symbol next to any link that is an affiliate one.
  • How will you disclose where relevant. Will you put a simple statement at the end of each post?
  • Anything else you think is relevant! It’s always better to over-disclose than not say anything.

If you write a disclosure statement, you can just link to it at the end of relevant posts, rather than writing everything out again.

Let us know if you found this useful – and whether you would include anything else!

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