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Although the iPhone (and then the iPad and probably the Apple Watch) were designed to be used with your finger, and not a stylus, if you’re into drawing, sketching or even just handwriting, then a stylus can be quite helpful.

The Adonit the Jot Pro♦ stylus works with most touchscreen devices (even the Watch!) and doesn’t require any batteries. It’s magnetic, so will stick to your iPad or whatever. Adonit do produce lots of others, but for less than £15, the Jot Pro is a cheap way to play around.


The stylus looks like a normal pen, but has a clear plastic disc at the end. This is so you can see what you’re writing, and not scratch the surface of your device.

So why would you want a stylus? If you’ve got some artistic talent, then it probably seems obvious why, but if you don’t (like us!) then you can still use it for things like handwriting your own captions onto images for your blog or drawing little patterns around collage images of products (just little arrows pointing at the images would be effective!) or even creating your own signature for the end of your blog posts. The Jot Pro is significantly cheaper than buying a tablet!

You can purchase the Jot Pro♦ from Amazon (and if you’ve got Prime membership, you’ll have it tomorrow!) for under £15.

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