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  1. I don’t mind clicking on affiliate links at all (makes no difference to me if the blogger makes a few pennies from my purchase) but I don’t like the URL shorteners. I want to know where I’m going and clicking a could take me anywhere!

  2. This was so helpful! I had no idea that cookies were connected with affiliate links, in fact, I’m not sure what I thought they did! :)

  3. Hi! Things confusing me is, i have membership websites which has 5 membership levels, so my affiliates will receive commissions in each level clients will purchased. my question is, do i have to make different affiliate links in each membership levels?

    1. Hi Mary Grace, I’m not too sure what you mean? Usually with affiliate links, they will have one link, and then change the amount of commission dependent on what the reader purchases. It’s worth speaking to your affiliate network though to see if they have a different way of doing things!

  4. As an affiliate marketer I never mind clicking other people’s links. I usually use a link shortener for social media purposes and most people won’t click on especially if I’m talking about a specific store. Great post though

    1. Hi! No, you shouldn’t need to change your links constantly – as long as the website you’re linking to is using the company you’re using to create the affiliate links, then they should work.

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