How To Attract More Twitter Followers

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One of the things that most bloggers will agree on is that Twitter is one of the best ways to get yourself heard and your blog noticed. Being heard means you need followers to see your posts – so how do you get them? Not by buying them, of course, but the good old way of attracting people. Here are a few tried and tested ways that will hopefully boost your numbers (and hey, who knows, maybe you’ll meet a new best friend?)

Who Are You?

Think about it – who are you more likely to follow: the person who hasn’t even been bothered to upload a profile picture and bio (which, when the bio is about the same length as a tweet, doesn’t really bode well for how much they’re going to talk!) or the person who has spent a little time perfecting their interesting 160 charectors which makes you want to read more by them. Make sure you include your blogs URL in the relevant section of your profile – people will click through if they think your tweets are interesting!

Follow People!

When starting the Bonjour, Blogger! Twitter account, we added lots of bloggers and it was surprising how many followed back. After a few weeks, we used (if you are interested in knowing who isn’t following you back, we think this is the best site to give you that information, and the bonus is that it doesn’t force you to tweet about it!) to find out who wasn’t yet following us back so we could unfollow them and try to keep our following:followed ratio to about 3:1. You don’t want to be following too many people who don’t follow you back – not just because accounts that follow loads of people but aren’t followed back by too many can look a bit like a spammer, but because it’s much nicer to have a timeline of people who are interested in what you have to say!


Yeah, this is a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people will follow an account and never interact with it. How strange is that? Talking to people who don’t already follow you lets them know that you’re a real person but (obviously!) you’re hilarious and intersting and pretty darn awesome – who wouldn’t want to follow you?

Make Sure You’re Telling People About You!

So you have the blog, and you have Twitter, but you don’t understand why people aren’t connecting the two. Well, have you done it? Put some icons in your side bar and tell your readers where else they can find you online – don’t just hide that info away on a contact page, because your readers won’t bother hunting that down!

Get Involved With Hashtag Chats!

This kinda follows on from our point above about talking to everyone. Getting involved in the various hashtag chats means you’ll get to chat to lots of new people with similar interests to you – you can find out when the next chat is in this post.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this post, it would be that you need to talk to everyone. Make yourself heard, and people will follow! Don’t forget our lesser known Twitter tips to make your tweets even more awesome and drop us a tweet (or leave us a comment!) if you’ve got any questions!

  • Cydney

    this was really helpful! i need to interact more with people and get involved in the chats, i always forget when and what time they begin but i’ll be setting a reminder on my phone. thanks :) xx

    August 23, 2013 at 2:18 pm Reply
  • Kelly

    These are so so helpful,
    I always loose twitter followers and it’s pretty disheartening.
    I’ve been stuck on the same followers for quite a while!

    Day Dreams & Daisy Chains

    January 23, 2014 at 10:22 am Reply

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