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Besides newsletters, podcasts became super popular in 2017. We’ll be taking a better look at them in the new year, but for this lazy holiday week, we’ve put together a list of podcasts for you to listen to and to inspire you for the fresh new year

A Drink With James

From the creator of Fohr Card comes this podcast where James has a drink and answers some questions asked by followers. It’s also available as a YouTube series, if you prefer to watch your podcasts (is that a thing?)
Link to website | Link to iTunes

Creating Your Own Path

Creating Your Own Path is a weekly series interviewing people from various creative industries. While it’s not specifically about bloggers, listening to other creatives can be super inspiring.
They’ve just taken a break but with 125+ episodes to listen to, you’ll be kept busy until the new season starts!
Link to website | Link to iTunes

The Lively Show

Again, The Lively Show isn’t specific to bloggers, but it’s full of inspiring stories and other useful bits of information
Link to website | Link to iTunes

The Influencer Podcast

The Influencer Podcast is another interview filled podcast. Covering more than just bloggers, this podcast talks to YouTubers, social media influencers and people who work in those industries.
Link to website | Link to iTunes


From the popular Blogtacular conference creators comes this podcast. It’s probably the most relevant for anyone reading this post as it tends to speak with UK based bloggers rather than US based ones.
Link to website | Link to iTunes

Finally, because everyone needs something happy to listen to, check out the Good News Podcast. From the creators of Cards Against Humanity, the episodes are short and sweet and will make you smile.
Link to website | Link to iTunes

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