Are Vloggers A “Waste Of Time” For Brands?

Bonjour, Blogger! Are Vloggers A "Waste Of Time" For Brands?


A thought provoking article appeared on the Telegraph last week asking whether vloggers are a waste of time and money for brands.

GWI (GlobalWebIndex, a market research company who focus on digital industries) put together their quarterly report on where people hear about new products and brands and the results were probably quite surprising to bloggers and vloggers alike.

Vlogs were the least effective source of users discovering new products and brands, where 7% of all internet users surveyed, and just 12% of people who had watched a vlog in the last month, named them as a source.

Blogs did slightly better, with about 20% of all users being likely to use them as a influencer. Still not a huge amount, but there were other options where bloggers posts could potentially fall under (“Results from search engine”, “Information on brand website/blog/social media” (a good reason to tag brands when you tweet about a review of them you’ve posted?) and “Real life friend recommendation”, amongst others)

What do you think? What form of advertising is most likely to influence you to purchase something?

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