2017 Goal Posts – Why You Should Write One

Bonjour, Blogger! 2017 Goal Posts - Why You Should Write One
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After all the Blogmas posts, and the posts about what we did for Christmas/what I got for Christmas (and whether you like those or not, which seems to be a hot topic on Twitter at the moment), you’ve probably seen a little flurry of posts about what people were proud of in their 2016, and what they’re hoping for in 2017.

Setting goals and ambitions out is important for everyone, not just in terms of blogging. As bloggers, we’re lucky that we can put these goals down to come back to later and over time, you can compare your aims each year to see how they are developing.

Writing down your goals in a public space like your blog means you can be held accountable – not that anyone is going to chase you down if you don’t achieve something you wanted to do, but it may be something that pushes you to work harder for that goal.

Listing your aims for the year ahead gets you to look to the future. It gives you something to aim for, and you’ll be able to use it to reinspire you when you’re dipping a bit and feeling a bit lost.

Even doing something like just choosing a word for the year ahead and talking about why that word is important to you will not just help get your thoughts straightened out about them, but also will help you work out what you will be able to achieve.

Breaking the goals down into yearly, monthly and daily goals will also be helpful, as it puts them into achievable chunks. Does getting 10,000 followers on Twitter in a year sound scary? Very, but break it down – 1,000 in a month would get you more than 10,000 followers in the year (assuming no one unfollows or deletes their account!). Break it down further, and 30 new followers each day sounds a lot more achievable.

Do you write goal posts? We’d love to see what you’re aiming for in 2017!

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