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Name Manasi
Age 32
Location London
Blog URL

What is your blog about?
Living the London foodie life, reviewing restaurants, my culinary trials and exploring different cuisines while travelling

Is this your first blog?

When did you start your current blog?
On the eve of my 30th birthday in 2012 with the intention of chronicling the start of a new decade

What made you do it?
I wanted a creative challenge and as someone who loved going to restaurants and keeping track of new openings and the hottest new places to eat, I started writing about it!

What was your first blog post about?
It was a review of the meal that inspired me to start the blog – at Cinnamon Club in London

What do you think is the most useful tool to you as a blogger?
Social Media – I didn’t use Twitter for a long time but as soon as I did and started engaging with other bloggers, my site hits grew a lot.

Do people in your real life know about your blog? If yes, has your blog helped you career wise?
It hasn’t helped me directly, but makes me more well rounded as an employee and makes for interesting conversations and gives me more of an edge in the workplace.

What has been the one thing (blog post, project, etc) that you have been really proud of?
I’ve kept the blog going for almost 3 years through a lot that has gone on in my personal life – actually more like the blog has kept me going!

Where do you see your blog in a year?
I’ve just had a baby so I imagine the blog will change a lot from its current form, hopefully I can keep with the foodie theme and continue to engage readers.

What do you wish you knew when starting your blog?
How to structure a blog and what I wanted to write about

What do you wish you know more about now?
SEO and self-hosting

How do you keep motivated to post?
By seeing how many people are reading my posts, who’s sharing the posts and commenting on them. I’m always motivated to try and get more readers and views.

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