Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014 – Nominations Open

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Next up in the blog awards are the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards. Now in their fourth year, it’s probably the biggest awards in the UK for blogs – most categories are covered here, so you’ll be able to nominate most of those on your reading list. The categories are…

  • NEXT PRESENTS: Best Newcomer
  • NEXT PRESENTS: Best Interiors Blog
  • Best Established Beauty Blog
  • Best New Beauty Blog
  • Best Established Fashion Blog
  • Best New Fashion Blog
  • Best Vlog in association with Remington
  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Sex And Relationships Blog
  • Best Lifestyle Blog
  • Best Travel Blog in association with Thomson
  • Best International Fashion Blog with Independent Fashion Bloggers
  • Best Wedding Blog
  • Best Careers Blog
  • Best Use Of Social Media

Most of the categories can be nominated through the Cosmo website but the newcomer blog (less than a year old) can be nominated through the Next website here. You can nominate your own blog, but it’s much more fun to nominate your favourite bloggers – think of it like a little thank you to them for being awesome.

Bonjour, Blogger! doesn’t really fit into any of these categories (boo!) but it could possibly come under the Best Newcomer award, since it’s just under a year old (in fact, it’s our first birthday tomorrow!) if you are feeling kind enough to nominate us :)

Make sure to check out this post from last year about which blogs make the shortlist – remember, it’s not about how many times people nominate you or the size of your audience, but it’s your content and

Who will you be nominating? We love to hear about your favourite blogs!

  • bart

    Any idea about similar awards held in the US or elsewhere that include US residents? Thanks! x

    May 30, 2014 at 6:56 pm Reply

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