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Bonjour, Blogger! Forget About Comments!
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Ask any blogger what the best way of getting noticed in the blog community is, and they’ll either say taking part in the Twitter chats, or leaving lots of comments. But, ask them what their concern is about their blog, and it’s that they don’t get many comments.

Comments are a good way to measure whether people are interacting with your content, but there are other ways to measure, and that’s what we’re going to look at today.

The most obvious way of measuring how many people are checking out your site is keeping track of your statistics. It’s not just the Google Analytics to check out though, things like how many people subscribe to your Bloglovin’ feed and your RSS feed (you can find this out if you’re a Feedburner user, or you can put your RSS feed into Feedly to see how many people in there are subscribing. RSS statistics are flaky to use though as there are lots of ways people can use a feed)  will help give you an idea about how many people are reading your writing every day.

Advertising and affiliate links are also a good way to measure how people interact with your content. With advertising, you can see how many times an ad is shown to people and how many people clicked on it, and with affiliate links, you can see how many people click a link, and how many go on to make a purchase.

Your follower count on your social media accounts is another form of measurement – it will also help you to figure out which are the platforms for you to focus on if you are short on time. If you have lots of Twitter followers and interaction, then it might be worth putting a bit more time into building that up further than working on your Google+ account, for example.

Finally, emails. This could be how many people email you with questions, comments or just to say hi, or it could be the open rate on your newsletters. We’re going to look at newsletters later next month, but in basic terms, the open rate on newsletters is how many people opened up your email to read it instead of just deleting it. Always good to know people are reading what you send out!

What ways to do you use to measure whether people are reading your work?

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