How To Support Your Favourite Reads

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This site, along with so many others, uses advertising to support itself. The advertising goes towards the hosting bills, buying prizes for competitions, and occasionally some cake. The main way of advertising we’re currently trying out is Google Adsense, which Emma talked about on the site previously. It’s fairly unobtrusive (hopefully!) and doesn’t bother you too much.

Many web browsers that don’t come with your operating system (i.e. browsers that are not Internet Explorer or Safari) come with Adblock built into them. Adblock is great – it gets rid of those crazy ads that take over at least half the screen – but the problem is that it’s always on, and sometimes, you forget it’s even there!


If you read a website, and you want to support it, then why not turn off your Adblock? It’s really easy to do – just click the red stop sign when you’re on a site, and choose “don’t run on pages on this domain”. You can change the settings so it will stop Adblock running against just that one page, or on all pages on that domain.


It’s a small change – which you might not even notice so much – but it will really benefit your favourite bloggers (and who knows – perhaps that would be the thing that helps them to work on their site even more!). Clicking the ads helps sites with ads even more – they might earn pennies a day with Adsense, but if people click, they can earn a few pounds a day – it all adds up to help pay for hosting bills, etc!

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