Is It Time To Quit Your Blog?

Bonjour, Blogger! Is It Time To Quit Your Blog?
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So you’ve got a blog, but you’ve become a little disenchanted with it lately and you’re trying to figure out whether to cut your losses or to carry on. Read on to see if any of these match how you’re feeling, and whether you should quit or revamp your blog

You’ve not posted in ages

…and then you come back with that “Oh I’m sorry I haven’t posted in ages!” post. Honestly, you don’t need to be apologising because people who are still subscribed to you may not have noticed, and are still subscribed to you because they like what you do.

You don’t post for ages in between posts

Sometimes it’s just difficult to find the time to post on your own blog, particularly if you write elsewhere (guilty!). It’s up to you to decide whether it’s worth keeping on with your sporadic posting schedule or not.

You’re not having fun

There’s not much point in doing anything as a hobby if you’re not finding it fun. Perhaps consider why you’re not having fun writing a blog – what’s making you sad about it? How can you change that up?

You’re unsure why you’re posting

You may feel like you need a reason to be blogging – while you might be able to blog lots, if you’re not sure what the aim is, then should you carry on? That’s obviously up to you!

You can’t make time for it

This is so difficult sometimes – but there are ways round it, like blogging from your phone and finding ways to save time

Never fear though! If you really want to be writing, then you should write! The new year is a great time to be relaunching a blog, and you’ve probably got a few days off work over the Christmas week – if you do relaunch, we’d love to see your new site!

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