Saturday Summary

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Lyzi from Being Little wrote about her recent trip to Edinburgh which looks beautiful – just look at that early morning photo above the clouds!





Over on Cupcakes and Cashmere, Emily is sharing some cocktail ideas for Hallowe’en – have you made any plans for the creepiest night of the year?





Keeping in the Hallowe’en spirit, Kat at Jemina & Ted popped a tutorial up on her YouTube channel about how to look like you’ve come out of a piece of Lichtenstein’s art.





If you’re tempted to try out coloured hair, then Lily’s post about using hair chalks to get rainbow hair might be worth a read. Chalks are a temporary way to get a little colour in your locks, so ideal if you work somewhere you’re not allowed crazy colours!




On Mermaidens, Kailey is interviewing one of our favourite bloggers, Jazmine from Jazzabelle’s Diary. It’s always interesting to see interviews with bloggers you think you know lots about – you’ll always find out something new!




Another of our favourite fashion bloggers is Nicolette Mason and in one of her posts this week, she’s showing off her date night style. We’re in love with that skirt!





Milly from Pearls and Poodles was lucky enough to pop over to Amsterdam this week with a few other popular bloggers to find out more about DKNY’s new fragrance. Her photos are making us want to go on a weekend break there now!





Lauren at The Style Tag blogged about her latest fashion obsession – trousers! After a summer of wearing dresses and skirts, it feels so good to finally be able to pull on all those trousers and jeans we coveted in the heat!




Finally, Bee at Vivatramp has been reviewing more books – we love how she reviews books of varying genres (and we have a bit of a soft spot for any Roald Dahl book ;) )




What about you? What have you enjoyed reading this week?

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