Why You Need An E-Mail Signature

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It’s not sexy, it’s not that exciting, but it will help people remember who you are, and could potentially bring more people to your site. We’re talking about e-mail signatures, and what to include in them. Having an automatic signature in your blog email account means that when someone needs your contact info, it’s there, ready and waiting for them in an email you sent them.

Here are a few ideas of things to include in your email signature:

  • Your name (Sounds weird, we know, but it helps to remind the recipient who they’re talking to…and hopefully will avoid them replying to you with “Dear [blog name]“)
  • Your blog name and address (Again, it’s helping out people by keeping all that information together and fresh in their mind)
    • There are websites like wisestamp.com which allow you to include the details of your latest blog post in your signature. We’ve not tried it out ourselves, but if anyone would like a more detailed look into this, do let us know!
  • Your logo (if you have one) – although use images sparingly, especially as more people are checking emails on their phones. No one wants to download your huge header image on their data connection!
  • Your social media profiles – don’t go crazy listing every social media profile you have (use your contact page for that!) but including the main three that you use (perhaps Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest?) means that if you’re not responding to your emails, then the sender can chase you up on other platforms if it’s urgent
  • If it’s appropriate, you could include your mailing address and phone number – just in case the recipient needs your address but has forgotten it or lost the original email!

Most e-mail programs will have the ability to add a signature to the bottom of your email – some may allow you to insert different ones depending on the email (which will help you to answer your emails quicker) but because there are so many different programs and web based email systems out there, it’s difficult for us to go through each one!

What do you include in your signature that’s not covered above?

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