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It can be so difficult to think of a good headline that isn’t just going to be interesting to the reader, but also will help people using search engines find what they need. Back in the early days of blogging, we would use lyrics for outfit posts which were fine for readers, but totally useless for SEO purposes.

Thankfully, there are tools around on the internet to help us create good headlines. CoSchedule have created a tool called the Blog Post Headline Analyzer which does what it says – you just enter your headline, and the site will tell you how good a headline it is.


Once you type in your headline and press “analyze now”, the site will give you a score on the headline – in the above picture, you can see the score that the title of this blog post gained. The report is split into different sections, which tells you about the words that you have used and how you can change them up.


The second section of the report will talk to you about how long the title is – a title that is too long will lose attention. It also shows you how the title will look in Google search rankings.


You can try lots of different titles at the same time, and it will keep a history of them with their relative scores so you can compare and contrast – in the picture above, you can see the alternative titles of this post and how they scored!

Have you tried out this little site?

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