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Louisa has put together a list of her favourite games to play on a rainy day over on Duck in a Dress – sounds like a list she’ll be using quite a bit over the next month or so!





Kirsty talked about clothes swaps (and announces one she’s holding later this month) over on her blog, Fatty Unbound. It’s an interesting read because it talks about more than just the clothes swapping, but also about how they help to build communities. What do you think about clothes swaps?




Do you collect anything? Kristabel shared her collection of items with her name or initial on over on I Want You To Know – if you have a similar sort of collection, we’d love to see it!





Lily shares her tips on how to take a good passport photo over on Lily Pebbles – useful if your passport is up for renewal and you’re going away this summer!





Over on Oh So Lovely, there’s a few different soup recipes for you to try out – the butternut squash one sounds amazing!






Turn any food miniature and it makes it even more awesome, right? Bess shared a recipe on Thoroughly English about how to make mini toad in the hole which look delicious.





If you enjoy doing tag posts, then you’ll want to check this blogger lover tag over on Makeup Savvy. If you do it, leave your links in the below widget so we can check them out!





Laila shows off a beautiful dress on her blog Tape Parade that she’s added a little embellishment to and shares with us a breakfast at the Southbank Centre which looks delicious!





Instead of buying another mass produced necklace from Primark, why not try this DIY from Trends with Benefits to make your own necklace. The best thing about this is that no one else will have the exact same one as you and you can make it match your outfit exactly!



This week on Bonjour, Blogger!… we talked about why it’s a good thing to link to other bloggersSophie from VAN talked about how she finally understands Twitter… we discussed the blog post by Matt Cutts that talked about the end of guest blogging for SEO purposes… we looked at taking photos for your blog with your mobile phone… we also opened a survey to find out what sort of thing you enjoy on the site, and what you’d like to see more of (if you haven’t already filled it out, please do!)

Read anything awesome? Taken part in the blogger love tag above? Leave your links here!

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