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How gorgeous does Steph look in her latest post – love the new hair colour and the Crown and Glory crown looks so good! (Loving the photos at the end of her new puppy too, far too cute!)





Em on EmTalks has launched her own shop, LVNDR with some gorgeous jewellery pieces – check it out now!






One of the best things about the Christmas holiday is all the time you have to spend doing nothing useful. Over on Style Is…, Ceri has posted a list of films to watch, along with a few suggestions on how to steal the style – you’ve got about a week to order the DVD’s off Amazon or queue up Netflix so plenty of time to get ready for a movie marathon!




Have you been to the Clothes Show? Melissa went last weekend and wrote all about it on MediaMarmalade. Look at all those nail varnishes!





Loved this post over on cocorosa with lots of different festive decoration DIY’s – you can never have too much glitter in December!






You already know about Black Heart Creatives and their amazing acrylic jewellery from our giveaway post a few months ago (if you can think of it, they’ll try to make it for you!), but did you know they also have a blog? This week, Charlotte made a video to show you how to heat emboss – have you tried this craft before?



On Little Paper Swans, Cathryn shares a recipe to make a gingerbread wreath. This would make such a pretty centrepiece for a festive buffet table!





Mia showed one of her Christmas crafts this week – making Christmas cards with her (adorable!) son Casper. If you’ve got small children, the tree card will be perfect to send to the family.





We’ve been reading Not Martha for a few years, and have loved the various festive crafts Megan has done before (those tiny gingerbread houses for your cups? Too cute!) but this Christmas tree has to be one of our favourite crafts. It’s a little more involved than most of the crafts linked up here but looks amazing and doesn’t take up much space.



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