What Is IntelliTxt?

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We’ve noticed a new kind of advertising popping up (literally!) on some of our favourite blogs, so thought we’d look into it a little closer to see if it would be useful for other bloggers.

IntelliTxt or Vibrant In-Text Ads are a form of in text advertising that turns certain words into little pop up ads. (There are also Vibrant In-Image Ads, which will put a small overlay across relevant (based on the surrounding text) images in a blog post)

Here are a few examples we’ve seen recently, one where it’s a pop up image on a certain phrase, and the other where if you hover long enough on a specific word, the entire screen was taken over with a pop up with an embedded video.



Like Skimlinks, the blogger does not control which words are hyperlinked, but they will show as a different style to the hyperlinks that the blogger has included (in this example, green with a double underline) with a little open out symbol which (we assume!) is to show that this will be a pop up.

If you never want to see these ads again, head over to the IntelliTxt ad, and follow the instructions on how to disable them. This will set a cookie on your computer which will tell each site that uses this technology to not show you any of the ads.

What do you think – a great way to make money from advertising without having lots of banner ads, or an annoying way to advertise?

  • Sarah Chong

    Those things bug the absolute crap out of me – they’re so wildly intrusive.

    March 4, 2014 at 4:55 pm Reply
  • Pearl Sanguine

    I came across an article the other day that I just couldn’t read because of these stupid things. I don’t like them at all…

    March 8, 2014 at 1:25 pm Reply

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