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  1. I never even knew that you could do such a thing as buy followers. Seems like a rather bizarre concept to me! I agree with you in that I don’t think you’d get as much satisfaction if you knew that you’d faked your way to success.

  2. I do get frustrated with how slow building followers is.. but you’re right, every single new (genuine) follower I get, I do a little dance in my head.
    Still doesn’t stop me from sometimes having “I WISH I HAD MORE FOLLOWERS” strops, but still I don’t think I would ever buy them.

  3. It’s absolutely not worth it. The whole point of having a good following on Twitter and/or Facebook is that you can DO something with those followers — engage them in what you’re posting, get ideas from them, get them to your site so you get ad revenue etc. Having big numbers just to impress others is ridiculous x

  4. I get this little happy feeling every time someone new follows me on twitter because it suggests they actually like and read my tweets/blog, so hearing that people actually spend money buying followers just to make themselves look popular seems ridiculous to me. I can think of many things I’d much rather spend my hard earned cash on!

    I’d much rather have genuine followers who I interact with and chat to than thousands of robots. I’d feel like I was talking (or tweeting) to an empty room.

  5. I’d sooner have less followers that I knew actually enjoyed reading my content than buying a load of fake robot followers to make myself look good

  6. Buying ads to expose yourself to a wider audience – absolutely. Buying fake followers? God no. What’s the point?

    Having a “large number” doesn’t give you anything – I don’t follow people because they already have a ton of follower (in fact sometimes that can put me off!).

    I follow people for their quality content, which I think you’re less likely to get if they’re willing to buy their followers in the first place!

  7. I think it’s better to just showcase your talents and work . If people like what they do they will flock to you and follow . I noticed a lot of bloggers even popular ones buy all there followers . To me that’s a fake way to seem successful . It’s better to show clients who may wish to work with you someday that you have talent not a fat wallet :-)

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