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Another week done! And more excitingly (totally a word, right?), it’s a long weekend. We’re looking forward to that extra day off work – how about you? This week’s round up is unintentionally quite heavy on the ol’ outfit posts – can you tell it’s almost pay day and we’re wishing for new summer clothes?


Loving Dunya’s outfit post – we’ve never been to Brighton but it looks so pretty! (Can we decorate our houses with bunting between them all the time please?)



We spotted Sam’s super secret burger recipe – looks delicious, perfect for BBQ times! Extra gherkins for us please!

Tom’s been working on a new project each week – last week’s strawberry jar cover is just too cute!






We always love Harriet’s addition to Take Ten, so we’re so sad this is her last one!






Although we were never fans of either version of the Office (sorry!), we loved Danielle’s season finale party – we love her whole pastel coloured blog and this party was just too cute! (Can we have a party for 30Rock with you please Danielle?)

A pizza cookie with chocolate frosting and sprinkles? Our teeth hurt from the thought of all that sugar, but it sounds amazing! Please come and make it for us, Becky!

Jazmine isn’t just one of the sweetest bloggers you’ll meet, but she’s so gorgeous as well! (Ooh, and did you know she did the styling for the Great British Sewing Bee? Such a beautiful book if you haven’t seen it already!)

Finally, the beautiful Miss Marks looks adorable in bright yellow jeans and a huge floppy hat. Amy could wear anything and it will always look amazing on her – we’re only slightly jealous (but she’s so lovely as well!)
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