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Keeping It Regular | Bonjour, Blogger!
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Having a regular series on your blog is one of the best ways to make sure you keep blogging, even when you’re feeling uninspired or overwhelmed with all the ideas you have! A regular feature will help you through any bloggers block you might experience – it happens to us all, and having a set feature will force you to think about it specifically rather than overloading yourself thinking about all the other posts you could do but don’t have time to get them all done at once.

A regular feature will not only help create a structure for your blog but will also help you attract a regular following – your readers will know that they should check your blog on a specific day to see your latest addition to the series. It also shows new readers what they can expect from your blog – is your blog worth following? (Of course it is!)

Possible ideas for a regular feature could be a summing up of your favourite links of the week, an outfit post (which if you’re not normally an outfit posting blogger can really help you get started – you wouldn’t want to miss a week and break your streak!), a new recipe (we used to look forward to a “Fat Friday” post on a now defunct blog because we knew there would be an awesome recipe to test out that weekend!) or even a week in photos (assuming you take photos of things more exciting than your food on Instagram!)

Try to avoid doing too many regular features though – we saw a blog recently which seemed to have a specific topic for each day. That’s great if you want that much structure, and can always find things to post under the specific headings, but it will leave you very little room to be able to post about anything random, and could cause you too much stress trying to find something to post.

Some of our favourite regular features include Harriet’s “Lazy Sunday Links“, Sarah’s “Friday Frocks” (#frifro!) and Sarah Mia’s “Grace in Small Things“.

Do you do a regular feature like these? Share your links in the comments!

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