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  1. Very useful information – thank you. And yes, as a consumer I am very excited by this product. I’m also keen to look into it fr a blogger perspective. Thanks again xxC

  2. Thanks for the post! I just submitted to rewardStyle. Do you know if they require a certain number of followers or anything? I would love to use Like to know it on my fashion instagram, but I’m worried it’s hard to get an account with rewardStyle?

    1. I had the same question – do you have to be a big blogger to be accepted? I would love to use, but not sure if rewardstyle will approve my application because I am a small blogger.

  3. I’m a small blogger that focuses on green beauty vs high performance cosmetics (and a little bit of in between) and was just declined. I waited for a week but was told it was due to the mass amounts of applications they receive. But to try again. Its a shame, I do quite a few reviews so itd be nice to offer my readers and easy way to access them if they’re interested. Something to work toward I suppose.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been curious about how to become part of LIKEtoKNOW it as a blogger and this was very helpful! Also really glad to have just discovered your blog!

    xx missaLAnnis

  5. This is very helpful but I’m really new to blogging can you please explain what a reward style is for? Do you know how I can get brands to allow me to promote their apparel? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tania,
      rewardStyle is an affiliate program – when you post a link to a product, you can use sites like rewardStyle to turn the link into an affiliate one, so when someone clicks the link and buys something from that website in a specific period, you would earn a small percentage of the sale.
      With regards to getting brands to allow you to promote them – keep an eye out for tweets from brands looking for bloggers (we retweet as much as we can!) Just posting about the things you like helps because it gives brands an idea of the sort of thing you can do!

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