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Claire made the cutest DIY with a pair of cheap shoes from Primark – watermelon themed!


Laura at Confessions of a Professional Drama Queen posted about why a company should hire her. It’s the time of year that lots of us are thinking about finding our first jobs or moving on to new things, so this is a great way to be thinking! (Also check out this post about how blogging can help your CV!)


All this week, Sarah has been posting some seriously delicious recipes, including this salted caramel Ameretto sauce one.


Lily went to a steampunk themed wedding and shows off how she crafted some steampunk accessories using Sugru. (That stuff is amazing by the way!)


Bee wrote about bees! More specifically, a garden tour with some tips about what plants to include to especially attract bees to your garden


Alex at Saints on a Plane wrote about some things to do in an English heatwave – especially loving the idea of hot tub cinema!

This week on Bonjour, Blogger!,we looked at how to change your permalinks on Blogger….looked at how to find music for YouTube videos that won’t fall foul of copyright laws…talked about how to find the perfect date for an eventshowed you an app that will create GIF’s on your phone (and it’s still free!)…and explained how to join in with a Twitter chat.

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