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  1. I watermark my images just to be on the safe side, I know of someone who runs a beauty salon and the images she posted on the salon’s Facebook page were used by a stranger who tried to pass them off as her own. Thankfully she apologised and removed them, but I’d rather take the time to watermark than risk something like that happening, not that my images are that great haha

  2. I don’t watermark at the moment, kind of in two minds about it. If I was going to use them, I prefer the subtle watermarks at the bottom of an image, although I know people could just cut them out from a screenshot.

    Someone I sort of know watermarks all his images with a large fuzzy girl’s face right in the middle of the picture, however it makes the photo so distorted that you think, what’s the point of looking at these images? So I think watermarking in that way can backfire!

  3. I usually watermark my collages at the bottom, although I know it can be removed easily. I don’t really like looking at pictures that have watermarks through the middle of them.

    Although I don’t always remember to watermark at all!

    There’s a way to reverse serach on google images (where you give an image url and they bring up all the site that use that image) and one of my collages had been used in a bunch of places, but none of the others.

    1. Really obvious ones in the middle of the image (like my example, ha!) just put me off a blog – I want to see the photo, not your logo!
      I’ve previously covered how to do reverse image searching but you have to know that image is being used, or have the time and patience to track every single image you upload – I’m a bit too lazy for that!

  4. When someone watermarks their picture, there’s the inference – I think anyway – that they think their image will get stolen. That they think it’s so good that other users will want to use it. But I’ve seen watermarks on unclear/too bright/poorly composed/garish etc etc pictures and I can’t help but roll my eyes (is that too mean? I’m sorry. True though.) So I personally think watermarks looks tacky.

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