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Some blog posts will always attract readers, though search engines or by word of mouth. It’s the aim of most bloggers – even if they don’t realise it! – to write blog posts that stand up over time. But what makes a good blog post, and how can you (try to, at least!) make sure you keep visitors coming back?

Writing a blog post is a little like writing an essay at school or uni. You need to spend a little time to work out what you want to say – whether you need to research the topic a bit more, or test out that new moisturiser over time, or see how a dress looks with different outfits – and work out which keywords you’d like to use in the blog post to bring in the visitors from search engines.

Posts that will attract readers will give them something to use. Tutorials and how to guides are proving the reader with a service – think about your most recent search engine queries, we bet they were asking a question! If you already worked out what keywords to use for that post, then when you refer back to the post, link to that post with those keywords.

If you’re not feeling very inspired, but want to create a post that brings people in, check out your blog analytics. What are people already searching for? Develop those ideas further!

When you publish your incredible blog post, then let your automatic social media notifications post as usual and think about how to promote the post again later. Don’t just retweet yourself later or say “Did you see the latest post?”. Write an entirely new tweet and pop it into Buffer for it to post again at a later date. Doing this as you post each blog post means you can forget about promoting it again later on.

We know this sounds like a lot of work, but when you get used to writing your blog posts in this way, it will seem like second nature to you!

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