How To Make A Gif

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Remember when you first got online way back when, and the home pages most people made for themselves were on Geocities and had those flashing images to show that they were under construction or the Blingees that you had on your Myspace page? Gif’s have made a comeback in recent years, with people using them for short animated clips of shows to respond to others (do you end up watching some for ages as well?) and of course, the big debate over how to pronounce it (we say g-if, so there) Some bloggers have started using gifs to show off a few photos in one go, which is a really great way to show off an outfit without having to commit to making a whole video. We’ve seen some bloggers who make a looping gif of them turning so you can see the outfit “in action” – which looks really cool! To make a loop of yourself – this is going to depend on what camera you use, unfortunately! Some camera have a sport setting which continuously take photos but it’s something you’d need to look up for your specific model of camera. The GIF creator we used is called It’s so simple to use – just click the upload images button, select the images that you want, and then once they’re uploaded, you can choose what order they go in. gifmakerThats…well, that’s basically it. In the top corner in the right hand sidebar, you’ll see a preview of what your gif will look like – you can adjust the size of the finished product, and how fast the images change. Click create now, and there you go! What unusual  ways have you seen gif images used?

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