5 Steps To Branding Your Blog

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Having a strong identify for your blog can help you so much because it means people will recognise you easily when they see your images. It can take a little while for you to settle on what fits you (we’re still playing around with stuff like this!) but here are a few steps you can take

Define The Brand

Figure out what you want to represent you – something that could help is to think how you would answer the question “How would you describe your blog in a sentence?” What are the attributes that you would want to highlight in such a short bite.

Choose Your Design

Whether you’re looking to define your brand from what you already have, or you’re looking to do a complete redesign, you’ll want to consider it all – things like logos are important but you can drill down to things like colours and fonts. You could also consider how you take photos, etc – obviously this will depend on your content but this could be things like how you style flay lays, etc.

Create Good Content

The visuals of your site are important but the content is even more so – that’s why people come back to your site! Again this will depend on your niche(s) but this will be things like how you write and how you compose your images.

Build Your Community

Putting content out there is fine but if you want to have a brand that’s recognised by people, then you need people who know your site and keep coming back. Encourage people to comment both on the site and on your social media accounts and give them a reason to keep coming back to you.

Be Consistent

Finally, the important part about establishing a brand is to keep it consistent – it’s no good switching out everything every month or so because it won’t stick in anyones head enough. Tweaking is fine, but if you decide you hate everything you’ve done so far, try to work around that – whether that means scrapping everything completely, keeping the bits you like or keeping on with the current look until you can’t bear it any more, the important part is to keep your audience updated when major changes happen

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