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  1. We use WordPress Related Posts by Zemanta at Cwtch the Bride but sometimes it picks up the wrong image or doesn’t include one, so I might switch to nRelate for a bit and see if it’s any better :)

    1. There’s a section in each editing post page where you can choose which image is featured – this seems to be where you can set the image for the related posts bit (at least that’s how it works with nRelate!) Is that any help?

      1. We don’t use Featured Images on Cwtch because it changes the way the posts are displayed on the front page from full to truncated, which we didn’t want. Otherwise yes, it’d be very helpful! :)

  2. I wondered about this very feature and was thinking to investigate. Thanks for sharing. Now if you know how to solve the threaded comments issue I have, you’d be my new favourite person! ;)

  3. I just happened upon you – I have added you to list because this is such useful information with out being too techy I know I should be linking to other posts and this article has just given me the kick up the jacksi I need to get me to go and it So thank you

    1. I think it depends on the reader and the blog really – for blogs like beauty ones, the reader might be interested in a photo of a product, but with your blog, I think people are more likely to either just read through your archives or look for a specific book review. If I want to read more from a blogger, a photo in the related posts is more likely to get me to click onwards.

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