What Is The Viral Ad Network?

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The Viral Ad Network is an advertising network that uses mostly videos or interactive games to promote top brands. They mainly target the UK, US and Western European markets, and you may have already seen their ads on some of your favourite fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogs.

Getting set up is easy once you’ve signed up – you just insert their code wherever you want the ads to play and that’s it! They then syndicate various relevant ads to that block which you can track the success of in the dashboard.

There are ads to fit any space on your blog – both video and text/image based. You can also choose how to earn revenue – either per action (which is the default, cost per click means every time someone clicks it, you get paid) or with a fixed price (so you’re guaranteed a certain amount in a specified period) It depends on your blog which would be best for you.

Here’s how they target ads to the relevant viewer


There are a few reasons why the Viral Ad Network works on video ads, instead of the traditional banner ads. First, because users are more likely to click on videos than images, so the CTR (click through rate) will usually be much higher. The quality of video ads are generally much higher because more work is needed to produce them and finally because videos are more eye catching on a page – the user can choose whether to interact with them or not which makes them less annoying.

VAN ads have included such brands as La Senza, Nokia, Garnier, VO5 and Samsung. Find out more information at joinvan.com

Would you use video ads on your blog?


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