8 Easy Ways To Support Bloggers

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There are so many easy ways to support your blogging friends that’s more than just dropping a like on an Instagram post. (With the way that Instagram is, it’s a good idea to be liking every post you see to tell Instagram what you want to see more of!). I came up with this list in a few minutes, and it honestly takes that long to do them. I thought it would be a good idea to expand on what these points mean, in case you weren’t sure why they were beneficial.

• If they use Shopstyle, click the links even if you probably won’t buy from the shop
• If they use Google Adsense, click the ads
• Recommend them for campaigns when PR’s contact you (especially if you can’t do it!)

Leave a comment

It’s the most basic way to show you liked a blog post or an IG post, but leaving a little comment not only tells the blogger that you like what they did, but shows brands that you support the blogger and are engaged with what they do and that’s really useful information for them. It also helps creators know what you’re interested in hearing more about!

Share their account because others will love it

The people who follow you are always happy to hear about the things that you’re enjoying at the moment. Sharing the bloggers and Instagrammers that you enjoy following, or sharing specific posts that you found super interesting is so helpful for both the bloggers and your followers!

Use their affiliate links if buying something

In case you don’t know what an affiliate link is, it’s where the person who refers you to the site can make a percentage of what you buy. If you know you’re going to be buying from a website that your favourite blogger has linked to, use their link so they get a few pennies towards the upkeep of their website!

Share favourite posts with your audience

This is super important, not just to introduce your audience to new reads, but it tells the blogger what you enjoyed. It can also help inspire your audience to write their own blog posts about their experiences!

Share useful articles (*cough* from @BonjourBlogger) to help them learn

You can’t blame a girl for a bit of self promo. For the same reasons above, it’s so nice to hear what you liked, but the other reason that it’s a nice thing to share posts like the ones on this site is that it can help your followers develop their own skills to improve their blogs!

If they use Shopstyle, click the links even if you probably won’t buy from the shop

Shopstyle is an affiliate network that pays the influencer a few pennies every time someone clicks their link. If you know someone you follow uses Shopstyle links when they post on Instagram, Twitter or their site, just give the link a click!

If they use Google Adsense, click the ads

Google Adsense pays users a tiny percentage for a view, but if the viewer clicks the ad, the user gets a little bit more money. This is normally true for most ad networks, so click that ad and let the advertiser’s site load!

Recommend them for campaigns when PR’s contact you (especially if you can’t do it!)

I do this automatically now when replying to someone offering a product or inviting me to an event. It doesn’t take much to add to the end of your email “If you need any other suitable bloggers, let me know!” but it helps out the PR person by introducing them to awesome bloggers, and it helps out your friends who might not have seen the opportunity otherwise.

These things shouldn’t cost you anything to do, but they are really appriciated by the bloggers and influencers who put that information out there.

  • The ME Project

    What a great blog post! Sharing and support helps bloggers thrive. It’s important that we help each other.

    December 20, 2018 at 2:14 am Reply

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