What’s The Difference Between Facebook Pages and Groups?

Bonjour, Blogger! What's The Difference Between Facebook Pages and Groups?
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As part of #blogclub, we started a Facebook group to share any photos, links, etc, that we discussed. It’s a private group so we can share information and photos with each other, without having to broadcast it on Twitter.

So what’s the difference between a Page and a Group? A Facebook Page is for one author/product/brand to inform and talk to its followers – think of it like a Facebook profile page for a non human. A Facebook Group is more aimed at smaller groups to talk to each other online.

Facebook Groups have the ability for members to keep their discussions private, but the best part is that when one member posts to the group, all the other members will see it in their News Feed. Facebook Pages in theory would also show in the News Feed, but if you remember this post from last year, the algorithms that Facebook use mean that people who like your Page might not always see your updates.

A Page is open to everyone to follow and like it (with no limit on how many people can like the page), but a Group can be public, private (anyone can request to join) or secret (so people can only join if they’re invited – useful if you’re planning a surprise party or you work with a few people on a regular blog feature, for example). Once a Group reaches a certain size, then some features may be disabled, such as the chat function.

A Facebook Page is the best thing for your blog (and you can make it look awesome by branding your Page to match your blog design) but a Group is more useful if you were otherwise going to send round lots of emails to everyone.

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