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With more and more of us reading blogs on our mobile phones and various tablets, it is a good idea to consider switching on the mobile view setting. That way, it’s up to your reader to choose which posts and which images they’ll be looking at. Also, it makes it much easier to read – which is always a good thing!

The best option to go for would be to choose a layout that is a responsive theme. This means that no matter which screen someone is looking at it on, it will look mostly the same. However, if your theme isn’t responsive, there are still ways to get around the mobile viewing problem.

In Blogger, this is enabled by default; if you don’t want to enable the mobile version, you can find the setting to change it in the template section. At the top of the page, there is an image showing what your blog currently looks like, and next to it, an image of what the mobile version would look like. Click the gear button underneath that mobile version, and select the circle next to “No. Show desktop template on mobile devices”. Here, you can also choose a template to put on your mobile version

In WordPress.com, a mobile version of your site is also enabled by default. If you want to turn it off, or amend the settings (choosing whether to have full posts or excerpts on the main page), go to the Appearance label in the dashboard, choose the Mobile subheading and select the option that says “Enable Mobile Theme: No”

In WordPress.org, a mobile version of your site is not enabled by default. You will need a plugin like WP Touch or Jetpack (which is an official WordPress plugin). If you are using Jetpack (which is probably the easiest option), after installing and enabling the plugin, choose the Jetpack label in the dashboard, and scroll down to the “Mobile Theme” tile. Click activate, and this will turn your blog into a mobile friendly site.

By making your blog mobile friendly, hopefully you’ll see an increase in views and comments.

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