Why Investing In A Few Stock Photos Can Help Your Brand

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We talk a lot about why building a brand for your blog is useful but something you might not have considered as part of your blog brand are the images that you use. For those posts that you dont have an image for, stock images are really useful, but if you want to keep a cohesive look to your posts, using just a few images and carefully cropping them can give you a few different images from one photo.

For example, we purchased this bundle of stock images which included the following image:

The image as it is is pretty excellent, but since the original size is 2500px by 4000px, it’s easy to crop certain parts of the image – using the dimensions from this post about image size, we created the following four images that you could use to keep your Instagram all on a specific theme. You can even get different looks from rotating the image and cropping different points.

You could of course use the images you create from one bigger image for other things to keep a cohesive look, like Pinterest images, blog post images and Facebook header images – by buying just a few high quality images, you could generate enough images from them to keep your whole site looking cohesive for a year!

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