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Name: Allie
Blog URL:

What is your blog about? I run a personal style blog, so my posts are mainly OOTDs featuring high street and vintage fashion, as well as clothes I make myself, so there’s a few tutorial posts from time to time too, including the odd nail art post or wishlist.

Is this your first blog? Yeah this is my first blog, unless you count those MSN spaces things from back in 2007. Goodness knows what I had on there though…

When did you start your current blog? What made you do it? I started this post on 14th August 2012, purely out of boredom and admiring LLYMLRS’ blog for a while. I’ve always been ‘an outfit sharer’, telling everyone where I got something and how much I saved. I’ve been doing hauls in my front room for my parents for as long as I can remember!

What was your first blog post about? My first post was a simple OOTD consisting of a plain T-shirt and maxi skirt with some tribal nail art, which you can find here.

What do you think is the most useful tool to you as a blogger? Hmm…my most useful tool as a blogger..that’s tough! Camera is kind of essential, I’m always jotting down ideas for blog posts in my notebook and of course twitter. I couldn’t cope without twitter!

Do people in your “real life” know about your blog? Yes, everyone in my life knows about my blog, and thankfully they’re all really supportive. My friends have subscribed and often RT my link to their followers and my parents are usually the ones taking my outfit photos. I’m hoping to work in fashion and am about to start studying international fashion promotion at university, blogging and social media is a huge part of that course so having a blog definitely helps and will hopefully help me to get my dream job :)

What has been the one thing (blog post, project, etc) you’ve been really proud of? The thing I’m most proud of is probably when I went to London in March 2013 to style and model an outfit for More! magazine’s ‘how would I wear’ feature. The stylists loved my look, which gave me great confidence! But unfortunately the magazine went under the week before I was due to be published..oops! The pictures are up on my blog though, and quite embarrassingly in a frame on my Mum’s mantlepiece.. But yeah, that was awesome.

Where do you see your blog in a year? In a year I think my blog will still be based on personal style, who knows what I’ll be wearing or where I’ll be, but hopefully it’ll have better photography and way more followers. That’d be nice ;)

What do you wish you knew when starting your blog? When I started my blog, I literally knew nothing about blogging. I didn’t have the GFC gadget for like a month and my pictures were tiny. And I had no clue that blogging could turn into a job! But I’m glad I started off that way, I’ve learned tips and tricks as I’ve went along and I’m still learning. Practice makes perfect.

What do you wish you know about now? I wish I could take better outfit pictures and master HTML! It’s a tricky little bugger.

How do you keep motivated to post? It sounds cliché but I really do love fashion and I always have done. I’ve known since a very young age that I’d be doing this for a living and I think my blog is just the start of that, so every time I write a post I’m so excited as to where it’s going to take me. Fashion week, here I come!

Anything else you’d like to add? I’d like to thank everyone who reads my blog, who RTs me, +1s a post or just natters to me about all things fashiony. Bloggers and their readers are awesome and starting my blog is the best decision I have ever made. Good vibes to you all :)

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