Bonjour, Blogger! A Guide to Starting and Developing a Beautiful Blog was created in 2013 in response to so many books out there about blogging that didn’t really help the average UK blogger and assumed that all people who start a blog will want to take it further, to be their full time job.

Bonjour, Blogger! is the ideal book for those bloggers who are looking to start out, or just want a little guidance on improving your blog.

Here are a few kind words from people who have read the book…


Brilliant Book By Bonjour Blogger (all the Bs)

I am a self confessed lazy blogger full of great intentions but never actually getting round to writing anything. Mainly because I feel overwhelmed by all the stuff I can do with a blog. So I bought this little tome and it has really inspired me to think about simplfying my blog and focusing more so that I don’t get over whelmed. It is full of useful tips and info and easy to read so you don’t feel as though you are drowning in jargon.
It is well written and flows well but you can also dip in and out of chapters depending on what you need refreshing on. It is an ideal guide for beginners and people who already blog a fair bit but want to find out how they can make more out for their blog whether it is improving content, increasing visibilty or making money from it.
I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a kick in the blogging bum!

Sharmila Bousa, 14 Aug 2014
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Perfect for beginners – but lots of nuggets of knowledge for experienced bloggers too!

As someone that has been blogging for several years, I’m already a big fan of The Bonjour Blogger blog. So I was happy to snap up the book when it launched. And I’m happy to say that it’s a lovely combination of useful and enjoyable to read. The friendly, light tone is perfect, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fluffy read – this ebook is packed full of useful tips and information. Although I was familiar with a lot of it (Hayles covers all the basics), I found the sections on policies, blogging networks and tax really useful. I’ve got a long list of things to do to improve my blog now!

Emma Cossey, 10 May 2014
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A quick, breezy and inspiring read!

Blogging tips and how-tos are big right now, and this short but informative read is full of what you need to know if you want to start a blog or improve an existing one. It’s written in a fun and engaging style, with minimal fluff and maximum knowledge-sharing. Crucially- for me, at least- it’s UK-centric; even though the good old world wide web is, well, world-wide, things like taxes and disclosure legislation aren’t.
You could buy this book before breakfast and have a decent blog up and running by tea time, and all for less than the price of a takeaway skinny mochachocawocha -totally bargainous!

Emma Lloyd, 17 May 2013
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A fantastic guide to everything blog related

A fantastic guide to blogging, great for beginners wanting to start a blog or those who have been doing it for ages and just want to learn a fee extra tips. Very inspiring

Miss C, 12 May 2013
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Bonjour, Blogger! (Kindle eBook) is available on Amazon for £2.50♦