The first rule of #blogclub is: tell everyone about #blogclub

What is #blogclub?

#blogclub is where bloggers can get together to discuss issues that affect them, work on blog posts with others, and just get together to chat!
#blogclub was started in January 2014 and has become an eagerly anticipated event each month.


Blogging is amazing, but it can be a little lonely. We wanted to bring bloggers together to work on their blogs on a regular basis – when you have a specific time and space allocated for blogging, then you’re more likely to get on with it rather than getting distracted by…er…the whole of the internet. Ever felt like you could blog so much better, if only you didn’t have all the distractions of home? Want to meet more local bloggers? Need to take outfit photos for your fashion blog, but feel silly taking photos of yourself with a tripod? Want to learn something new? That’s what #blogclub is here for.

Where is #blogclub?

We are looking for new venues so we can accommodate more people – if you have any recommendations in central Bristol, do get in touch!

We are also looking for more venues around the country – if you can help with this, please read on!

When is the next #blogclub?

We don’t have a date just yet – Sign up to the newsletter to find out when tickets are available and to find out future dates.

Why do I need to sign up for a ticket if it’s free?

While we would love to be able to accommodate everyone who wanted to come, we are a little limited with space. We use Eventbrite to see who is planning to come, which also allows us to make sure that there are enough refreshments, seats(!), etc for you all. Eventbrite also allows us to have a wait list, so if more people want to come than we can accomodate, then we can make sure they are invited as soon as spots become available.

(We were super excited and surprised to be included in this list on the Eventbrite blog about how these events can help to build a strong community – thanks Eventbrite!)

If you “buy” a ticket but then find that you’re not able to make it, please cancel your ticket as soon as you know, so we can let others know – we’d hate for anyone that could and wanted to come to miss out! (Find out how to cancel your ticket over on the Eventbrite help page)

What do I need to bring?

Whatever you want! Bring along your ideas for the discussion, as well as anything that you need to blog (laptop, notebook, slate and pencil…) and if you want to use the opportunity to take some outfit photos, then bring your cameras etc. We’ll try to make sure there is wifi available and some refreshments, but if the venue allows it, feel free to bring snacks, etc.

After signing up for a ticket, you may also want to join the private #blogclub Facebook group – request to join and we’ll approve you. (It’s a bit easier to share links, files, details, etc through the group than emailing everyone! It also helps to keep it all in one place for future reference.)

What’s happened before?

Bristol: Saturday 18th January 2014

This was our first #blogclub, done as a trial run to see whether people liked the idea, and whether they would come along. Thankfully, they said yes! Find out what they had to say about #blogclub…

Bristol: Wednesday February 26th – 5.30pm – 9.30pm

The theme of the evening meetup was writers block – how do you get through it?

Bristol: Saturday April 12th – 12pm – 4pm

The theme of the meetup was photography – we had a good chat about our cameras and tips about doing outfit posts, etc!

Bristol: Wednesday July 9th, 6pm – 9pm

After a little break, we were excited to bring back #blogclub to a new venue. Specialist are very kindly allowing us to use their offices, so we’ll be discussing everything to do with sponsored posts – how to write a natural post including the required details, how to disclose when you’ve received payments, how to get more opportunities – and so much more!

Bristol: Tuesday September 23rd, 7pm – 10pm

We headed over to the amazing offices of Trunki to discuss running your own business as a blogger. Charlotte from Black Heart Creatives and Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn were there to talk about their experiences

Bristol: Wednesday December 3rd, 7.30pm – 10.30pm

To round out the year, we gathered at our favourite salon, Betties + Baldwins, to have a little Christmas party. British Corner Shop were kind enough to supply us with a lot of treats, with goodie bags from Lush Cribbs Causeway , and we had a little raffle

Bristol: Wednesday February 25th, 7pm – 9.30pm

For the first #blogclub of 2015, we headed over to True Digital to learn all about Google Analytics. It was so interesting, and we all learnt something new to put into practice

Bristol: Tuesday June 30th, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

On the hottest day ever, we headed to the beautiful offices of Bath and Unwind to talk about sponsored posts. We went into lots of detail about what they were and how they should be disclosed…

Bristol: Tuesday August 11th, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

A casual #blogclub in August, where we headed to a private room at the Famous Royal Navy Volunteer to listen to a talk by Gina Jones from Style Tribe giving a talk about how brands can work with bloggers. We also held a Q&A section to discuss the topic some more.

Bristol: Thursday December 10th, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

For our second Christmas party, we headed over to the new offices of Bath and Unwind in central Bristol

Bristol: Thursday April 14th, 6.30pm – 9.30pm

For our first #blogclub of 2016, we returned to True Digital‘s lovely offices in central Bristol to learn all about SEO and how to use it to benefit our blogs.

Bristol: Thursday May 12th, 5pm – 8pm

For our summer #blogclub, we did something a little different. We teamed up with Crown and Glory to create a custom flower crown for our attendees at House of Fraser

Bristol: Wednesday 23rd November, 6.30pm  – 9.30pm

For our Christmas gathering, we headed to Prince Street Social to just have a few drinks and catch up with everyone!

Bristol: Saturday 25th February, 11am – 1pm

We changed things up in 2017 and decided to get everyone together for a brunch date at Cosy Club

How can I get involved?

Hooray! We would love you to get involved! There are a few different ways to get involved…

Come to an event!

This might sound really obvious, but we really want you to come along to a #blogclub and get involved. If you enjoy yourself, then it would be amazing if you blogged about it – blogging about it doesn’t just encourage other bloggers who might not normally hear of these events, but it also introduces the event to companies who may not have heard of #blogclub before and who may benefit by working with us!

Host an event!

We would love to organise #blogclub’s all around the country, but it’s difficult to do that when you’re not in the city. Perhaps you know of a space that would be perfect for a #blogclub – we have simple needs: space for people to sit and work, wifi and a little space to make drinks (you know what bloggers are like for tea!). We would love to speak to you if you would be interested in organising a regular (every month/6 weekly) meetup in your city!
Please do get in touch and we can send over a media kit.

Speak at a #blogclub!

In future #blogclub’s, we would like to occasionally have guest speakers, talking about a topic which is relevant to the audience. Perhaps your day job involves working with bloggers, or maybe you’re a vlogging star? Come and share your knowledge with us!

Work with us!

At the first #blogclub, one of the potential events we discussed would be for brands to come in and work with the small group of bloggers – if you’re interested in working with a localised group of intelligent, active and interested bloggers, then get in touch. Some of the ideas for collaborations that were discussed included a brand coming in to talk through a collection with the group or the group collaborating on a feature that would be across all of their blogs (e.g. one item styled different ways)

I still have questions!

For anything not covered above, email or poke us on Twitter