Let's talk about disclosure on Instagram The Advertising Standards Agency have set guidelines, but they're not as detailed or as useful as they can be! They say you should put ad at the start of a caption and assume the viewer is only seeing this specific post (you can't just put a disclaimer in your bio or highlighta and assume thats good!) We want to add some further suggestions:  Define the reason you're disclosing - there's a difference between being given an item to review, being paid to review and having an affiliate link in there (yes! in theory, you should put AD at the start of any image you use on Like To Know It) Don't hide AD in your stories - we see you picking the text colour to match the background to fade it out of sight or putting it up in the corners of the Story.  It will sound harsh, but treat your viewer as if they have no idea about anything in the monetising area of Instagram. You could do a series of highlights to refer people to if you do sponsored content often, but spelling it out wont take long (e.g. "this lipstick, which I was sent by the brand to review") and will help others understand better! What would you suggest adding to this?