6 Years Later…

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I never know how to start these things…or finish them…or…yeah, you get it.

Back in 2013 when I started Bonjour, Blogger!, there are so many things I could never have predicted would have happened within our community, both good and bad. As we all grow, governing bodies start to get interested and involved, but it still feels like there’s a way to go before the rules and guidelines that are being set will actually work with those they are aimed at – it still feels like those setting the standards don’t really understand how it works in real life.

This year on the site we launched the blogger opportunities page – as you may already know if you follow us on Twitter, we only retweet opportunities for bloggers to work with brands and have done for a few years but wanted to be able to provide a one stop shop for you to work through.

We also launched our free media kit course – which so many of you have signed up for and hopefully been able to create an amazing media kit for yourselves to go out and get those opportunities!

Thank you so much for reading, whether you’ve been here since the start, or you just found us. Can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us individually and as a community!

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