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If you're looking for an app to stitch together a few photos, or put them in a collage to post on Instagram (or wherever!), then Moldiv is exactly what you've...

How To Organise Your Blog Posts

In Blogger they're called "labels", in Wordpress, they're the more obvious "categories". (What's the difference between categories and tags in Wordpress? Categories are a broad description - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle...

“Disclosure: Not A Dirty Word” – Blognix Presentation

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On Saturday, I headed up to Birmingham at a painfully early hour for the amazing Blognix. I am so honoured to have been asked to speak, and my talk went down pretty well (at least that’s what I’ve been told – it’s all a bit of a blur now!)

I thought it might be useful to post the script of my talk here – it’s obviously not word for word as I tried not to read from the iPad too much!


Next in our series about ways to monetise your blog is ShopSense by Shopstyle. Shopsense is similar to rewardStyle in that it brings together lots of different retailers (including Net...

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