How To Turn Off Blogger AutoEnhance

Your photos are beautiful (of course!) You’ve edited them to fit in the blog post (perhaps using Picmonkey – we love it!) and they’re exactly what you want to show off the new blusher you’re blogging about. You upload them to your space on Blogger…but something looks different? That’s not the same image you uploaded!

Did you know that Google took over Picnik, the predecessor to Picmonkey? Because of this, whenever you upload a photo to your Google space, they will use an auto enhance filter which will smooth things out, correct the lighting, etc. But you don’t want that!

To turn this feature off, head to your Blogger dashboard, and click your icon in the top right corner, then the big blue “View Profile” button. You’ll be taken over to your Google+ profile.

Hover in the top left corner (on the G+ logo) and a menu will pop up – click the settings icon. Scroll down, down, down (it’s a huge settings page!) to the Photos heading.



Uncheck the box that says “Auto enhance: automatically enhance new photos” and your settings will be saved automatically (no need to click save anywhere)



That’s it! You can switch this on and off as you like




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