Why You Should Consider Adding Captions To Your Stories

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You may have seen more and more accounts in your IG stories where people are providing captions of what they are saying in their videos. One really important reason to do this is that it makes your Stories accessible to more people like deaf and hard of hearing followers. It’s also useful for those followers who watch Stories without the audio on – according to Instagram, 40% of viewers don’t listen to the audio on video Stories.

One way you can do this is by listening back to what you’ve said in a Story and then type it up yourself but if this is too time consuming for you, there are apps out there like Clipomatic (£4.99 on iOS) that will transcribe your video for you, and display the captions in a certain area that you set in a style you choose. Clipomatic uses speech recognition to create the captions and is fairly accurate, although it’s easy to correct if needed. It can also transcribe different languages, so it’s not just for the English speakers out there.

Another way you could do it is simply to watch back your Story and type up the caption on the screen yourself. There are obviously positive and negative points about doing this – it’s free, but it’s time consuming, and you’ll have to put all of the caption in one block, rather than have it stream as you’re talking like Clipomatic does.

Will you be adding captions to your Stories? What will you be using?

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