Set Up A Google+ Page For Your Blog

As we discussed last week, Google are pretty hell bent on getting everyone to use Google+ as their main social network. Whilst we’re not really very comfortable with this enforced network (isn’t it more fun to start on these networks under your own influence, and see the organic growth instead of this frenzy?)

Whatever your feelings on Google+ are, it’s probably a good idea to get a page set up for your blog. So here’s the simple how to!

Head to and the following will appear. Choose the category that fits your blog best – we went with Other because we couldn’t think what else fitted us well!


Fill in the relevant details on the next screen…


And…well, that’s it. On the final screen, you can provide a few words about your blog, and add in any contact details.


If you’re a Blogger user and have linked your Blogger blog to your Google+ page, then it should post to it automatically when you’ve posted something new. If you’re not a Blogger user, it seems like the best option for you is to post manually to your page – boo!

(Ooh, and if you do decide to set up a G+ page, you can find ours here – let us know your links!)

Hayley Constantine

Hayley has been blogging since before most people knew what a blog was! She started Bonjour, Blogger! in May 2013 as a way to share her knowledge and experiences - if you ever have a question, get in touch!

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