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You may already know, but one of the largest blogger advertising networks from Asia-Pacific and Australia has made the hop over and started in the UK. Nuffnang was launched in 2006 and already works with over a million bloggers all around the world. We spoke to Jesse, the community manager to find out more…

Nuffnang’s aim isn’t just to make money (although that’s always nice!) but they are giving their bloggers more power in building relationships with brands and PR companies as well as holding meet-ups, contests, workshops and events for their bloggers to help them grow.

Our philosophy is that bloggers should be considered as online publishers and that to collaborate successfully with brands, we are absolutely stronger collectively.

This has been proven to work in other countries – Nuffnang has been able to negatiate better rates for banner advertisements for their bloggers whilst keeping them out of the readers face (there’s nothing worse than banner ads that don’t consider the rest of the site design – have you ever clicked away from a blog because it’s covered in a ginormous advert? We have!) Through the work Nuffnang has done with bloggers, they have also helped to change how brands work with bloggers – giving them more creativity with a campaign to make it fit with their site better (how dull are sponsored posts with specific scripts to both read and write?) and have helped get brands to monetarily recompense bloggers for the sponsored posts they create.

Nuffnang has specific sized adverts that they can provide to a blogger and they will earn money on both clicks and visits – the more traffic you have, the more money you’ll earn. Below is an example of the different sized ads that they provide – the blogger can then decide which ones they want, and which categories they want to advertise on their blog.


With the sponsored posts that bloggers can do, they will get paid as well as reciving the products to review. One of the interesting things that Jesse said to us was that a lot of the UK bloggers they’ve met so far are underestimating their value to advertisers in terms of sponsored posts!

Nuffnang place a huge amount of emphasis on community because the happier their bloggers are, the more excited they’ll be about working with new brands, and well – that’s only good news for them! It looks like they’re looking at organising a few events in the UK soon as well.

If you do decide to sign up with Nuffnang, this is really the best time. They’ve been in the UK for less than a month, and are a bit more open to submissions than normal. Everyone is welcome to apply to join, no matter what your readership size is like, or what genre you cover. If you’re excited about growing your blog, taking part in campaigns and events and want to get involved, you really should consider signing up – they’re working hard at the moment at getting the first campaigns sorted so hurry up and join!

If you’re looking for more info, head over to their blog, or tweet them!


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